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photo by Kazungu Mwaringa

photo by Kazungu Mwaringa

Ahhhh, the "About me" page. Wonder if anyone reads these. I've read a few and I refuse to write about myself in some grandiose way in the 3rd person...telling you about when I first picked up a camera and was just meant to be a photographer. No.

I am happy to have grown up in an analog world. I moved all over the USA as a kid, from Kansas to California, from Oregon to Illinois. I learned a lot about people, cultures within cultures and a bit about myself. 

What shaped me most was befriending exchange students, hosting them with our family and then living abroad with their families. I lived in Argentina as a summer exchange student in high school, dropped out of college and lived in Brazil, then returned to finish college and immediately joined the Peace Corps, teaching English in Cape Verde, West Africa. I spent 12 more years living in China, Japan, Thailand, Cambodia and Chile. I taught English as a foreign language for a few years, then started a long road of learning how to photograph, produce and edit stories by assisting, producing, volunteering, and finally shooting for myself. 

Later I wanted to learn more about how to be a multimedia journalist and was accepted into an MA program through Bolton University in Beijing. Another long road of learning how to shoot video and produce multimedia stories began....and still continues. 

Currently I am a producer, creative director, photographer, videographer and editor traveling the world crafting and producing all types of photo and video stories for Trek Bikes. 

I am still passionate about education and working with young people, so I also teach photo workshops for National Geographic's Student Expeditions Photo Workshop in Tokyo, Japan.

I am married to Mia, a passionate environmental conservationist and photographer. We have 2 dogs in a converted ice skating warming hut in rural Wisconsin.

920.626.2560 (USA)

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