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Hi there. I'm a producer, photographer, and filmmaker shooting editorial, commercial, and documentary projects globally. I also teach a photography workshop for National Geographic Student Expeditions in Tokyo, Japan. I earned a Master's Degree in International Multimedia Journalism in Beijing and a BA in Philosophy. Before making media, I taught in many countries as a teacher of English as a foreign language and served in the Peace Corps. What's made me a successful photographer is a deep curiosity about people and culture and a desire to share stories. I'm not particularly talented, I did not come from anywhere or anything special. I have made choices to live my life differently: explore the world, learn languages, observe, listen, and learn. I wasn't interested in appearances, 401k, titles, the opinion of others, or "what I should be doing at 'X' stage in my life", etc. I live, I make mistakes, I seek out the uncomfortable, I seek out difficult things, and continue to do so, just maybe in different ways now. I value nice people, not smart people...and I'm continually learning to tell the difference.

I currently create, produce, shoot, and edit all kinds of fun stories for Trek Bikes.

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