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Hi, I'm Jeff. That's my wife Mia. We like denim. This photo was taken before we had a baby and were getting full nights of sleep. 

I'm the Director of Multimedia for Americares, a non-profit that has, since 1979, delivered more than $17 billion in quality medical aid and innovative health programs to 164 countries, including the U.S.

I also lead National Geographic Student Expedition Photo Workshops when I can. 

Previously, I was a photographer/videographer for Trek Bikes where I told stories about people and bikes (sometimes animals too). I've also done a bunch of other stuff, like the Peace Corps, the Peace Boat, was an 'actor' in couple weird TV productions in Asia , I taught English in some strange places, etc. 


Bachelor of Arts - Philosophy - Penn State Univ.

Master of Arts - International Multimedia Journalism (China Program)  - Univ. of Bolton & Beijing Foreign Studies University. 

MediaStorm Methodology Master Class - 2019

FAA Certified Commercial Drone Pilot - 2020-2022

Contact info:


f-stop gear ambassador (http://fstp.co/jfk)

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